AITOCFinnish national consortium

The Finnish national consortium

The Finnish consortium is composed of partners supporting the overall value chain for fundamental developments, planning, simulating, optimization of manufacturing engineering and training using artificial intelligence in the context of the heavy machinery and industrial sites as well as exploitation of these leading-edge developments locally and exporting those internationally as a part of the complex value propositions: end-product or services. With these partners, covering the whole value chain, the Finnish consortium can develop the core concepts, software modules, simulation tools with major features needed for simulating ergonomic human motion alongside the manufacturing value chain.​

Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology (LUT)​

LUT University is the leader of the use case in Finland, collection and integration of the requirements, lead the real-time and real-world simulation tasks, Finnish consortium coordinator, active contributor in dissemination & exploitation activities through scientific and industrial conferences participation and leading the business model development activity.


Tactotek is a global leader in injection molded structural electronics. Tactotek customers operate in automotive, IoT, wearables, appliance and medical sectors. ​

Process Genius

Process Genius will work on the interface development to account different company​ department access to the digital twin and customize the interface to improve effectiveness.​ Process Genius has already development of digital twin software, where the real -time​ performance can be observed. In the proposed project, Process Genius will further develop​ the software for different stakeholders. ​​


During the project Mevea will work on the implementation of AI support in their own software. Mevea will utilize results from the project to extend human simulation capabilities in their simulation tools. Mevea will also provide technology for real -time modular simulation tools required by other partners.​

Raute Corporation

Raute has already developed a real-time simulation model of their products. These have proven to improve the current products and speed-up development projects. The AIToC project will allow to reduce complexity of virtual model creation and therefore, free up resources for other development tasks. It will also reduce time required for preparing tutorial videos and documentation for all the new products. ​

3D Talo

3D Talo began when four local startups in Kuopio decided to produce industrial virtual reality solutions and visualizations. The companies were from a variety of backgrounds; An engineering firm, a software company, industrial design studio and an independent game developer. We first met each other at the Kasvu Open start up event as competitors. This sparked a meeting, in which we discussed the possibilities of co-operation as opposed to open competition. Soon it was clear that we all shared similar visions of the promise of the virtual and augmented reality technologies. It was clear that this emerging tech would have a lasting impact on the world, and could solve a multitude of problems in 3D based processes.


Dark Ambers Softworks

Dark Amber Softworks has designed and developed virtual reality training environments for railroad industry (KRAO) and heavy industry (Pöyry Oyj), and VR/Mobile-VR/WebGL applications for healthcare industry (Medi-IT Oy) and the city of Kouvola. In AIToC, the focus is on defining a framework to code elementary AI and simulate behavior through different pre –defined behavior state with another added level of character consciousness. Dark Amber Softworks’ focus is on extraction of knowledge and process information from experience and data. ​