AITOCTurkish national consortium

The Turkish consortium

Turkish consortium has been positioned as a complete value chain sub-consortium which covers all the work packages and provides integrated exploitation scenarios from Turkish automotive industry. The consortium includes two use- case providers and four tool and service provider partners, which are led by Eryaz Software.​

Ford Otosan

Ford Otosan is an automotive manufacturing company which has achieved 9 consecutive years automotive industry championship. The company has the biggest E&d organization of the Turkish automotive industry with a production capacity of 455,000 commercial vehicles, 70,000 engines and 140,000 powertrains by the end of 2019. In AIToC, Ford Otosan will provide use-case on the AI-based analysis of the machining lines. ​


TOFAS is an automobile manufacturer which manufactures passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with 450,000 vehicles annual production capacity.  TOFAS will provide use case on the simulations and decision-making support for constructing the production systems. TOFAS will also provide support for work package that is concerned with the product design.​


UNIT R&D will bring its extensive knowledge and experience on the model-based systems modeling and analysis that they gained during their previous and present ITEA research projects. So, UNIT will provide high expertise covering project innovations in automated analysis of requirement engineering models of manufacturing and product engineering. UNIT will also support the project for the dissemination of the works done via the relevant well-regarded conferences and journals.​


ARDGroup will use their expertise on different artificial intelligence (AI) techniques (e.g., optimization, expert systems, and machine learning) that they have gained from their past and present research projects. ARD will provide support for the AI -based tool developments in the project, which make them involved in several work packages. These include the tools that apply different AI techniques for selecting the optimum manufacturing process plan among all the alternatives existing, optimizing the layout in factories for manufacturing the modeled products, and generating the optimum production resources for the modeled products.​


Ericsson will collaborate with Eryaz on developing the AI-based tool for collecting factory data at real-time and simulating them. More importantly, Ericsson will provide the tool developments for the visualization of the data resulted from the AI-based tools and the integration of the tools developed.​

Eryaz Software

Eryaz Software will act as the national coordinator and be responsible for developing a modeling language and toolset for the requirements engineering. Eryaz will also contribute to the development of an AI-based tool for collecting real-time data from the factory and simulating them and the disseminations of the works done by preparing the journal/conference papers on the products/technologies proposed.​​