Creating value in a digital economy

The MORE SIM precedent, the SIM research platform focused on real-time simulation, virtual reality, and HMI technologies; product life-cycle management via the internet of things; and sustainable customer value through IoT and digitalization.

LUT University has served as a forerunner – combining technology and business – ever since its inception in 1969 and has been ranked as one of the world’s 20 most promising and rapidly developing challenger universities. LUT University uses digital twins to conduct research and develop sustainable product processes through simulation. LUT University utilizes Digital Twin -simulation solutions to tackle current global challenges in technology and business.

The MORE SIM platform is not strictly an academic exercise. Its success depends on close cooperation
with companies from the manufacturing, service, and software sectors as well as digital businesses.

The platform will support these organizations as they grow their businesses with new sustainable business models and innovations that give them a competitive advantage in a changing business environment. The business development focus will be on product-service systems based on the full product-service lifecycle that will increase value for the customer and improve environmental sustainability. The MORE SIM platform will provide the necessary digital tools (e.g., simulation tools) to model reality from the beginning of the lifecycle to its end.