What system architecture will be the best for more electric OEM?

EMMA2 is a unique consortium which combines 16 companies (including 8 OEMs) and two universities, under FIMA and SIX cluster wing. EMMA2 focus covers high-power actuator solutions and their system integration, in addition to green business evaluation.

The overall goal of EMMA2 is to scientifically evaluate and validate the optimal deployment of electro-mechanical / electro-hydrostatic actuators (EMA / EHA) in cyber-physical systems.

Major Objectives of EMMA2

  • Create a knowledge base high power linear actuator selection tool for various applications.
  • Validate the robustness of more electric high-power actuator solutions (electro-mechanical and electro-hydrostatic).
  • Check the integrability of the actuator to the system using simulation and extensive experimentation.
  • Establish novel business solutions that effectively commercialize green value and accelerate the green and digital transition in the NRMM ecosystem.


The EMMA2 project is funded by Business Finland.

Academic Partners

Contact information

Heikki Handroos
Professor of Machine Automation

LUT University, Finland
+358 40 510 7599

Tatiana Minav
Assistant Professor (tenure track)

Tampere University, Finland
+358 50 594 0496