Physics-Based Digital Twins Merging With Machines: Cases of Mobile Log Crane and Rotating Machine

Great collaboration between several research groups from various backgrounds related to digital twins, especially the physics simulation based viewpoint to it.

Real-world products and physics-based simulations are becoming interconnected. In particular, real-time capable dynamic simulation has made it possible for simulation models to run in parallel and simultaneously with operating machinery. This capability combined with state observer techniques such as Kalman filtering have enabled the synchronization between simulation and the real world. State estimator techniques can be applied to estimate unmeasured quantities, also referred as virtual sensing, or to enhance the quality of measured signals. Although synchronized models could be used in a number of ways, value creation and business model development are currently defining the most practical and beneficial use cases from a business perspective. The research reported here reveals the communication and collaboration methods that lead to economically relevant technology solutions. Two case examples are given that demonstrate the proposed methodology. The work benefited from the broad perspective of researchers from different backgrounds and the joint effort to drive the technology development towards business relevant cases.

E. KurvinenĀ et al., “Physics-Based Digital Twins Merging With Machines: Cases of Mobile Log Crane and Rotating Machine,” inĀ IEEE Access, vol. 10, pp. 45962-45978, 2022, doi: 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3170430.