Call for Palgrave Book Chapter Ideas

Contemporary issues in AI and Industry 5.0

We have the ambitious goal of compiling the first-ever comprehensive, interdisciplinary and high-level academic Open Access textbook on mature technologies, humans and management with Palgrave Macmillan publishing.

Are you working on a topic related to Digital Businesses, Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 or Industry 5.0?

Highly advanced technologies used in industries, by businesses, and by individuals today impact society at large in various ways. Algorithm-assisted managerial decision-making, digital services for every need, autonomous machines, and virtual reality are just a handful of examples of why the EU has introduced the term ‘Industry 5.0’ to describe the fundamental impact and importance these technologies have. However, we are lacking a collaborative starting point describing this concept from a global perspective, inspiring us to engage in the project. We welcome scholars from all disciplines to contribute to our guiding questions:

How are managers and businesses benefiting or not benefiting from technology advances?
What are the new challenges and inequalities brought up by novel technologies?

How do we design operations, applications and organizations to reap the benefits of increased technology presence?

Your perspective can be empirical or conceptual, and we especially encourage scholars with deep industrial experience or practical perspective, and contributions on topics typically less explored in the context of advanced technologies (e.g. emerging and developing regions, health care, family firms).

Please feel free to contact the editors in case you have a topic in mind that might fit our agenda!

Submission deadline for idea description (pref. 1-3 key references for context): 31.12.2022  

First full paper submission deadline: Fall/Winter 2023
Publication date: During 2024

Corresponding editors:

Dr Päivi Aaltonen, LUT School of Business and Management, paivi.aaltonen@lut.fi
Prof Emil Kurvinen, Oulu University, Department of Mechanical Engineering, emil.kurvinen@oulu.fi